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Wytchfinder's Dungeon

"Oh… There are you… Don't sneak up on a girl like that… I thought for sure some man or monster was getting ready to make a snack out of me… This is a scary site where women are accused of being witches and locked away in terrible dungeons to be tortured till they confess… Do you really want to take a look inside? All right… I'll do it if you'll come with me… Let's just be really careful not to get caught…

The world you live in now seems so safe, so sane, that you believe it must have been built on better times, when people worshipped only one god and always went to church every Sunday. Think again, because Dungeon Art opens up the dark and dangerous past of humanity like a can opener, peeling back the untruths and finding the painful and ghastly torturous truths hidden in the basements of church and parliament alike! Shivers… This is really scary… Stick close to me… We've got to be really careful here…Using startling 3D art, this artist paints a grim picture of life in the past… Medieval maidens wrongly accused by jealous and haggardly neighbors and relatives find their lives at stake and in the hands of hooded executioners and merciless clergymen. All modesty and all clothing is stripped away as they are inspected for the mark of the devil himself, showing their shame to all watching eyes. And once beyond the realm of mere accusation, they find themselves in the dungeons, dank and stinking of fear and despair. Oh… That's terrible… Do you really want to look further? All right… but hold on tight to me… Oh… Your hand does feel good there… Let's see look a little more…

In these scenes of dungeons, the young women are forced to pleasure the betters who stand in judgment above them before being placed over the wheel just so. Watch them squeal and beg for mercy - their cries falling on deaf ears that will hear nothing from the lips of a witch! Placing them in the rack bends them over just right, and nothing is sacred as they are given a chance to lessen their sentence, or taken by force before the end draws nigh! Ack… I think I hear someone coming… I'd better go… I don't want to end up in this icky dungeon… Shivers… I hope I'll see you again… You can never tell here… Bye for now…"

About the Artist
By - Wytchfinder -

To contact Wytchfinder for info or requests, mail to SPARKY8@COMCAST.NET


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