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She gazed upward with wide blue eyes at the Wytchfinder, a tall strong man, as he moved in front of her, and laid down the knife. Still bound and helpless this lovely girl that had been so humiliated and raped by the guard a short time before was now his, and he meant to have her in his own way. He moved away, and before her terrified eyes, he stripped away his coarse shirt and leather trousers, revealing a long thick cock, now in a stiff ten inch position of attention, and drooling with pre-cum. He moved toward her, clad only in his boots and rubbed the great purplish head of it gently against her smooth belly, then gripping her long blond hair he pressed himself against the trembling body of the helpless…" (From TALES OF THE WITCHFINDER, a story found on the site in many chapters.)

The Wytchfinder's job is to gain confessions from those who have been accused of heresy, or witchcraft-by any means possible.

If tales of torture, rape and bondage excite you, this is the site for you, if you want to see accurate depictions of what occurred during the various inquisitions, including bloody tortures, brandings, drowning, whipping and crushing of limbs…come on in! This site will shock and awe!

Over time the horrors of the inquisition have faded, but the memories linger on, and this site re-creates the dungeon scenes, the trials, and the punishments inflicted on the accused of that era. See the helpless victims of the Church's wrath broken on the wheel, burned with hot irons, stretched on the rack until they scream out their confessions, which in turn doomed them to a death by hanging, or by fire. Over 1,000,000 perished in the 14th, and 15th century. One Matthew Hopkins alone was responsible for the deaths by torture of more than 10,000 English "witches" during his era of terror.

These depictions are done in Poser, and no pixels are harmed in their making. There are no under age victims shown (Although there were many in real life) and it is essential that the viewer have a developed ability to discern the difference between fantasy and reality. These renders may look lifelike and real, but they are just pixels in agony…..

The Wytchfinder

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